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David Norton


David Norton started his career in the Postal Service as a letter carrier in 2005. He spent the majority of his career at Rose City Park Station where he served as the station shop steward. From there, David also served as assistant Chief Steward and Branch 82 Formal A Representative. He was also elected and served on the Oregon State Association Executive Board.
In 2014 David was elected to the Branch 82 Executive Board and accepted the position of Branch 82 Chief Steward. David served as Branch 82 Chief Steward for 4 years. In 2018 David was elected to his first term as Branch 82 President. In 2020 David was again elected and started serving his second term as President.
A lifelong Portlander, David grew up in a union household in Northeast Portland. He still lives close to that same neighborhood with his 2 school aged daughters, a dog, and 2 cats.


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